The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the countries famous for its large livestock, and various forms of animals are raised - sheep, calf and hay, which are among the most famous animals that are raised, and are considered one of the types that feed on plants, and are considered a main food for many people where their meat is eaten and is very useful For human health, most merchants in Saudi Arabia rely on breeding various forms of them, as they are considered a main thing in parties, weddings and holidays, and when you choose meat, you must know the center that raises the best types, high quality, and well-preserved.

The best kinds of sacrifices

1- Al-Nuaimi


3- Sakne

4-Hurry Beledi

5- Hashi

Al Nuaimi:

Al-Naimi lamb is one of the species that was raised in the Kingdom and was called Al-Nuaimi according to the Al-Nuaimi tribe. .


The free lamb is one of the famous species in Saudi Arabia, named after the Harrat for the regions of dormant volcanoes in the west of the Kingdom.


It is also one of the types of sheep that is characterized by a low percentage of meat in it, and is characterized by its smallness and meat with a distinctive taste that most people prefer.

Hurry Beledi:

Veal meat differs from beef and young buffalo, which often depends on breast milk for its nutrition, its meat is distinguished by its color.

Pink and its ripeness and speed during cooking.


Hashi or camel is a desert animal that is distinguished by its huge size, and its solid structure, which enables it to withstand the harsh desert conditions. The Hashi has been of great importance due to the deliciousness of its meat and the benefit of its eating, its richness in proteins and its delicious taste Beloved of people.

Therefore, if you need any kind of carcasses, you must first know the good types in the market and choose the center that offers you the best types, as feathers are one of the centers that provide you with the best types of delicious meat and fresh livestock, which is keen to meet the needs of its customers and be the only option for you in Saudi Arabia .